A message from Mr. Ortiz - English

A message from Mr. Ortiz

March 24, 2020

Dear KSS Community,

On behalf of the entire staff, I hope this letter finds you safe and healthy.  I am happy to report that our staff and I remain in good health.   With the first week of online learning behind us, I am impressed by the dedication of our community.  Our teachers, students, and families are embracing this new approach to learning with excitement. 

Over the past week, we have made changes to our Google Classrooms.  With additional content continuing to be added, we felt there was a need for better organization.  As such, we have decided to organize student assignments by date rather than by subject.  This way, students are able to see their assignments for the day under one heading.  We also want to direct students away from the Stream tab and directly to the Classwork tab as the stream gets overloaded with information quickly.  We hope that this will help students access their work easier on the platform.  We also welcome your feedback as we want to make this as meaningful as possible.  If you have suggestions, please reach out to your teachers or myself. 

For our students without access to online devices and for all students in kindergarten and first grade, teachers are preparing work packets on a week-to-week basis.  Those can be picked up at King Street School Monday through Friday, between the hours of 11am and 1pm.  As a district, we are also exploring ways to expand online device access for those families who don’t have it, as well as, class video conference calls.  I hope to have more information on this in the coming days.  Click here for a list of resources to help families get free internet connectivity during this time. 

As social isolation is new to all of us, and may become a source of anxiety for students and families, it’s good practice to establish a routine with your children.  Create a schedule at home that includes things like specific times for schoolwork, exercise and outdoor activity where possible, FaceTime with family and friends, and consistent times for eating, waking up and going to bed. Please know that we do have resources to support you.  Click here to access Mrs. Martin’s google classroom with more information. 

We continue to work hard every day to improve this distance learning experience. If you have any feedback, questions or concerns, please reach out to your child’s teacher or myself.  On behalf of the staff, I thank you for your continued support, patience and partnership during this difficult time.  I know that by working together, our community will make it through this time stronger and more unified. 

Stay safe and healthy,

Samuel Ortiz, Principal