Welcome to Fifth Grade!

School Hours: 

AM Session - 8:30am to 10:55am

PM Session -12:30pm to 2:55pm 

Class Parents

The Arts

Portfolio 2 with Brigitte Loritz (12 weeks)Portfolio 2 begins with pencil work and shading objects to make them look 3 dimensional in the study and creation still life work.  Students are then introduced to different art styles including realism, impressionism, cubism, and abstraction. The residency ends with a study and creation of water color art.

Presentation Skills with Dana Rutson (8 weeks) – In Presentation Skills, students learn tools and gain insight on how to present oneself to others.  Students research topics they are passionate about, learn how to organize their ideas into a comprehensive structure, and ultimately present to the larger group.  Students also learn to give and accept constructive feedback from their peers.

New York Tales with Jonathan Kruk (1 hour assembly program) – Storyteller / historian Jonathan Kruk brings New York’s and Westchester County’s legends to life