Welcome to First Grade

School Hours: 

AM Session - 8:30am to 10:55am

PM Session -12:30pm to 2:55pm 

Class Parents

The Arts

Community Art with Grace Mora (14 weeks) – In Community Art, students study famous self-portraits as well as draw their own self-portraits.  The students create paintings and drawings based on the work of Van Gogh, study collages found in Eric Carle books, and create their own collages use various materials.  

Sing& Sign with Angelina Messina (8 weeks) – In Sing & Sign, students learn about sign language and its importance.  The students study sign language symbols that represent letters of the alphabet, parts of the body, and everyday objects.  Students also use sign language symbols in a series of improvisations about life in their local community as well as learn songs using sign language and oral language and perform the songs for an audience.