Welcome to Kindergarten

School Hours:  AM Session - 8:30am to 10:55am,  PM Session -12:30pm to 2:55pm 


Class Parents

The Arts

Kinderart with Grace Mora – Students study and make different types of visual art including prehistoric cave drawings, animals, and symmetrical design.  Connections are made to math, social studies and science.

Kindertales with Angela Messina – Students listen to stories from different countries and different historic times including fairytales, legends, folktales, fables, and myths and act out different characters from the stories with the artist acting as dramatic narrator.  

Kindermusic with Carolee Brakewood – Students learn a variety of traditional songs: nursery rhymes, folk songs, patriotic and holiday songs while also learning about the elements of music including melody, rhythm, tone, volume, and types of instruments.  Students will perform songs for an audience and use appropriate gestures, rhythmic movements that dramatize the lyrics.