Any absence from school due to illness should be called into the School Nurse, at 934-7997 at the beginning of the school day.  Children should not return to school after an illness until they are free from symptoms and fever for at least a 24-hour period.

In accordance with State Education Law, only the following excuses for absences are considered legal:  sickness, sickness or death in family, impassible roads, religious observance, and requirements to be in court.   Travel during regular school sessions is an illegal absence.  Work will not be provided for children during time away from school for travel.

School law requires a parent or family physician to provide a written excuse with the date and reason for each absence.


Tardiness disrupts the smooth beginning of the school day.  Please make every attempt to have your child arrive at school on time. Children not in the classroom by 8:30 a.m. are marked late by their classroom teacher.  The notation will appear on the child's report card for each marking period.  Traffic backs up on Upland Street and in the school driveway between 8:25 and 8:30 a.m., especially on inclement weather days.  Leave for school early to ensure you are on time.

Arrival Driving Procedures

Families should proceed into the driveway and drop your child(ren) at the main entrance.  Staff will assist your child(ren) out of the car.  Please put the car in PARK until your child is safely out of the car.


Please do not park on Upland Street in the morning.  If you need to come into school, Please utilize the front parking lot.

Enter and exit the school driveway at 5 miles per hour.  Always turn RIGHT when you leave the driveway.


Students are dismissed from their classroom.  Parents should park utilizing the front parking lot or street parking and enter the school through the main entrance. Main entrance doors will open at 2:55pm. 

Parents will need their pickup card to gain access to the building at dismissal time.  


Students not picked up by 3:00 pm will be brought to the auditorium to await pickup. 

Birthday and Other In-School Celebrations

Birthdays are celebrated on the last Friday of the month in which your child has a birthday.

Following the guidelines set by the "Healthy Life Style Choices Program" for NY State public schools, we recommend that food for birthdays and other celebrations be kept simple and healthful:  oatmeal cookies, fresh fruit, pretzels, yogurt or muffins, and 100% fruit juice or bottled water are appropriate.

Cell Phones and Other Electronic Devices

Cell phones, iPods, Nintendo DS's, Gameboys, and other electronic devices are not allowed in school.  

If parents wish to have their child carry a cell phone for the walk to and from school, it must be turned off during the school day.  We are not responsible for any electronic devices that are brought to school.

Emergency School Closings and Delays

You will be notified of school closings or delayed openings by our automated phone message system, usually by 6:00 am.   The notice will also be prominently displayed on our school website.

Please  keep your address and contact information up to date so that you receive these important messages.

In case of a delayed opening, for students taking the bus, buses run either one or two hours later, depending upon the length of the delay.  Dismissal times remain the same.

Excuse from Physical Education

A request for a child to be excised from physical education classes for one or two days must be accompanied by a note from the parent.  

When a child seeks to be excused for more than two meetings of physical education class, he/she must present a request from the family physician that states the reason the child needs to be excused.

Injury, Illness, Head Lice

Injury or Illness During School

Children sometimes suffer injuries in the school or on school grounds.  Minor cuts and abrasions are treated as first aid in the School Health Office.  You will be notified immediately if your child sustains an injury.  But in case you are not at home, the emergency contact you have provided will be notified.  If the injury is serious, your child will be brought by ambulance to an emergency room in one of the neighboring hospitals.  It is important the the Health Office have the name and phone number of your family physician recorded in the student information system.

Long Term Illness

In the event of a long-term illness, medical documentation is required before leaving school and upon returning to school.  Upon return, the note submitted to the Health Office must indicate permission for the child to return to full activity or must describe limitations.

Head Lice

If a child develops a case of head lice, our school nurse must be informed.  When the child returns to school after treatment, a parent or guardian should first accompany them to the Health Office for an examination by the nurse before being admitted back to class. 

If a case of head lice (LIVE) is discovered in school, the child will remain in the Health Office while the parent or guardian is called so that the child can be taken home for treatment.

Report Cards and Assessments

Report Cards

Two report cards and two progress reports will be issued to students in grades K-5 over the course of the year.  Report cards are issued in January and June.  Parent/Teacher conferences will be scheduled in November and March to accompany progress reports.

Standardized Testing

Standardized testing is used as a measure of student progress, but more importantly, to better asses the individual needs of each student and to identify curriculum areas needed improvement.

   Grades K-5   

DRA (Development Reading Assessment)

September, January, June

DIBELS (Dynamic Indicators of Basic Early Literacy Skills

September, January, June

Grade 3, 4, 5


NYS Math Exam


Grade 4

NYS Science Exam



Visiting Our School

All visitors must sign in and out with security and check in at the main office upon arrival.  All visitors will be issued a visitor's pass.  Passes must be worn at all times when in the school building.  School doors are locked at 8:45 AM.  They remain locked until all children are dismissed.